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Return Policy

Our goal is to meet your expectations. If you are not satisfied with the product you receive, please email us at with your full name, order number, item description and the reason for your concern.

Our return policy is simple:

  • Items can be returned within 30 days from the delivered date
  • Items need to be returned in their original (unused) condition with all tags attached
  • Return shipping fees need to be paid by the buyer (unless the product is faulty or damaged)
  • Items received that are defective or damaged will be replaced with the same item free of charge. We also provide full refunds in instances of defective or damaged goods.

Please make sure to read our item descriptions and size charts carefully. Note that photos may differ slightly from actual items in terms of color due to the lighting during photo shooting or the monitor's display.

Your refund will be processed within 48 hours of receiving the returned goods in satisfactory condition.

We will not provide refunds in the following circumstances. In these cases, please contact us via email as soon as possible at to see if we can find a solution for you. (For example, if caught early, we may be able to update the address or product size you ordered before it ships):

  • If you order the wrong product or size
  • If you provided an incorrect address
  • Intimate products including insoles, inserts or skin care items unless they are in their unopened, original packaging