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Listening to our Customers

We love hearing from our customers, especially when they're delighted. Sometimes, they're disappointed and it's helpful to hear about that as well. Since purchasing UKComfortShoes in June, 2023 I've spent a lot of time reading the messages from our customers about what they like and how we can improve. This feedback has been so valuable. We've made a number of changes in our store because we're listening to what you told us. Some of the things we've done include:

  • We've changed our return policy to make it clearer to understand. We also eliminated a restocking fee that served no other purpose than to annoy people.
  • We established a UK return center. With many of our customers in the UK, it was expensive for them to ship returned products internationally. Now we offer a domestic return service for our UK customers to make things easier and less expensive.
  • We've updated a lot of product descriptions to make sure they are accurate and fully reflect the products being sold. For example, we had a lot of products labeled as 'orthopedic' when they really didn't measure up to the standards of an orthopedic shoe. (Stay tuned for more information about our orthopedic products soon!)
  • We're in the process of adding product reviews to all of our products. This gives our customers the opportunity share their feedback. You can also add your own review. Scroll to the bottom of each page and look for the 'add a review' button to share your thoughts and maybe even a pic.

We want you to be satisfied and we want to hear from you! Our team loves receiving your feedback (especially when things go well 😄) Thanks for taking the time to let us know how we can continue to help you look lovely.